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Social STEAM projects: Innovation and Creativity

January 20, 2024, marked a milestone in the history of Geeky Latin@s, a platform that has become a beacon of inspiration and education for young Latin@s in the STEAM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics).

With a clear mission to promote gender diversity and ideas, Geeky Latin@s organized a groundbreaking event: the presentation of final STEAM projects, demonstrating the power of creativity, ingenuity, and the ability of young people to devise solutions to social problems with a STEAM approach.

A Promising Start

The day began with welcoming words from Victoria Soto, a proud Geeky Latin@s alumna and now volunteer, who highlighted the importance of diversity and inclusion in STEAM fields. Her message served not only as inspiration but also as a reminder of the positive impact that technology and innovation can have on society.

A Showcase of Talent

Throughout the event, 52 participants divided into groups presented a total of 11 projects, each aiming to address social challenges through the application of STEAM knowledge. The diversity of topics was impressive, demonstrating the broad range of influence that STEAM can have on our lives.

Projects Room A:

  • Protecting the Marine Life

  • Learn 4I Impact

  • STEAM Connections: Exploring a New World

  • Learn STEAM: A Website to Study

  • Eco-Blocks

Projects Room B:

  • From Imagination to Reality: STEAM Projects for Everyone.

  • Rankine Cycle

  • A Solution for Gastritis Created By Kids

  • Social Projects with STEAM: An App

  • Domotics for Disabled People: A STEAM Project

  • Musical Instruments based on Recycled Materials.

Evaluation by Experts

The panel of judges, composed of prominent scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs such as Alicia Viloria, Constanza Viera, Ana Valeria Vilchis, and Virginia Ciancia, faced the challenging task of evaluating the projects. A video conferencing platform with separate rooms was used to allow a detailed presentation of each project, ensuring that each proposal received the attention and analysis it deserved.

Rigorous Criteria

The jury rated the projects from 1 to 10 in each area to be evaluated. The final score for each project would be the average of the following three evaluated criteria:

  • Problem: The jury will assess the team's ability to identify and present a specific problem in their community clearly. Clarity in describing the problem, the use of concrete examples, and depth in analyzing long-term implications will be valued. The relevance and pertinence of the problem to the target community will also be key aspects.

  • Solution: The evaluation will focus on the effective integration of STEAM elements into the proposed solution. The jury will seek details on the feasibility of implementation, creativity, and originality in the proposal, as well as a realistic consideration of necessary resources and a timeline plan. The team's ability to explain clearly how each component of STEAM will be applied in the solution will be assessed.

  • Value proposal: The analysis will examine how the solution stands out and offers unique value to the community. The jury will look for clear differentiation from other similar initiatives, as well as a quantification of the expected impact. The team's ability to explain clearly how their project will tangibly improve people's lives will be evaluated. Additionally, clarity in the call to action, specifying the type of support needed for the project's success, will be valued.

Celebrating Effort and Creativity

At the event's close, all participants were thanked for their effort and dedication, reminding them that every project, regardless of the outcome, is a step forward towards a more inclusive and diverse future in STEAM fields.

The anticipation for the winners' announcement added an exciting end to an already inspiring day.

The Highlighted Projects

Finally, at the graduation ceremony, celebrated on february 10th, we had the great pleasure of announcing the winning projects of this cycle of Geeky Latinas.

  1. From Imagination to Reality: STEAM Projects for Everyone – 9.50 pts - Mariana Montenegro, Mariana Guarnizo, Tomas Moreno, Mariana Moreno y Nicolas Camacho.

  2. Social Projects with STEAM: An App – 9.33 pts - Suheid Pérez, Ana Carbonara, Valeria González, María Obregon, Stefhani Chacare

  3. IA Solution for Gastritis Created By Kids – 8.83 pts - David Alfonso, Samuel Muñoz, Matias Pino 

Towards a More Inclusive STEAM Future

This event not only showcased the talent and creativity of young Latin@s in the STEAM fields but also reaffirmed Geeky Latin@s' commitment to promoting diversity, inclusion, and positive socioeconomic impact.

By inspiring the next generations to get involved in STEAM, Geeky Latin@s is paving the way for a future where gender diversity and diversity of ideas are not only celebrated but also integrated into solving global problems through innovation and technology.

This event is a powerful reminder that, when it comes to innovation and problem-solving, diversity of perspectives is not just desirable but essential.

Congratulations to all participants, and especially to the winners, for demonstrating that the future of STEAM is bright, inclusive, and full of endless possibilities.


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